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Donte Woods-Spikes journey as an author, educator, and artist has given him chances to featured at TEDxColleges, Conferences, and plenty more...leaving a lasting impression on all crowds that experience his message. (See area of expertise and experience below.)

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Past lecture, speeches, and workshops topics Include:


Donte's Book So. Long.: Unfinished Goodbyes with the Children of COVID-19 (Donte's book addresses the complications of public schools within the inner city through stories of children he's worked with in the school system.)

Language & Labels: The Conditioned Perception of Inner City Children & Classroom Culture (Though meant to be helpful, The language and labels accumulated over the years to describe the children of innercity schools create strerotypes difficult for people to see beyond and stigmas difficult for children to escape.)

The Tired Teacher(Teachers play a vital role in everyday operations. When the teachers aren't fully resourced or supported in the classroom, their jobs become far more difficult than they should be. Donte shares ways teachers can be better supported)

Barriers Keeping Students from College 

Community Inclusion:

The Near Eastside Story (Donte's personal story of meeting a unique blend of teachers, artist, CEO's, pastors, and much more through volunteering, working, and mentoring in the same neighborhood of Columbus. All the people Donte met became long-time investors in his journey, providing a real-life example of what it means to be a community stakeholder.)

Toxic Charity/Volunteering (Major mistakes made during charity and volunteering)

The Non-Profit Problem: Community Exclusion (Discussing the traditional non-profit model and how it can exclude the community and people)

Empathize With Me Workshops:

Empathy Social Hour: (An fun and easy social mixer encouraging vulnerability and understanding of one another. Great for retreats, conferences, and professional development. Message for more details.) 

Life Labels: (A social activity encouraging small groups to talk to one another, without knowing the obscured label Donte has placed in front of them. Best for spaces pushing for diverse and inclusive spaces. Message for more details.) 

Film Showing with Discussion:
As a Matter of Black (Sundance Film Festival)
Donte & Day'Mariah (Columbus Black International Film Festival Winner)

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