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Dontes Projects

A Talk With Our Sons (2014)

My name is Donte Woods-Spikes. Im heavily involved in the community and have spoken at different events such as TEDxColumbus, Pecha Kucha Columbus, and have made videos revolving around the documentary, A Talk With Our Son's, I'd like to complete.


The documentary is about African-American teens, telling stories from their own mouths about the realities they are faced with but is never documented or shared with the masses. This will give society an opportunity to see African American teen boys in a new light and do what any person would Click here for more videos about A Talk With Our Sons.

Donte & Day'Mariah The Documentary (2017)

Donte Woods-Spikes recognized within his 5 years mentoring Day'Mariah Faust, he has never seen another male to female mentorship. This documentary follows Donte as he questions his ability to mentor effectively, being a male figure for a young girl, and exploring the evolution of womanhood, all for the sake of maintaining his relationship with Day'Mariah.

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